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The setting of digital transaction for organizers (金流代收設定)

ACCUPASS provides various payment methods for organizers including, credit card (including bank co-brand Card), Line Pay, pay in convenience store、transfer with virtual account, and PayPal. It provides convenient form for the attendees to get the tickers easily and accelerates efficiency of registering and charging in the meantime. Organizer can reduce the burden of dealing with bank business. In addition,  organizers can spend more time on planning and executing the activity. (Note:PayPal only opens up activities with $HK)


  1. After you log in ACCUPASS website with your ACCUPASS account and password, you can choose the item ''My Events'' listed on the top right drop list.

  2. When you go to the page ''My Events'', you can find the event details. You have to choose the item ''edit'' in the overall event pae and go to the editing page.

  3. You should scroll down to the ticket type section, and click on the button ''Payment Methods''.

  4. When it popup a window which can sets up the payment methods. The default setting of ACCUPASS system opens to all methods. If you finish your setting, you can click on the save button.(Note:PayPal only opens for events with $HK)

  5. After you finish your setting, please remember to click on the button '' Save and Publish '' for making sure that the setting is valid.

二、Common Questions:  

  1. Can organizers set up payment methods of every ticket type separately?

ACCUPASS only support the setting by each event rather than each ticket type.

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