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The verification for paid event(通過收費活動審核)


About paid event verification

Paid event is required to be verified by ACCUPASS layout administrator before the event is published and launched. By doing so, the organizer’s rights will be guaranteed. We will provide some suggestions for organizers before event publishing according to our experiences, and make sure every information sets up completely. It can help attendees participate in activities easily  without dispution.

  • The definition of paid events
    If you set up paid ticket types in the event editing page, the system will categorize your event as a paid one.

  • Working time for the verification

After you send out the application of publishing the event, we will complete the verification in a working day through sending notification email.

The principles of paid events verification

  • How to confirm that organizers have completed '' Identity authentication "?

Organizers need to complete '' Identity authentication " when they hold paid activities at the first time so to make sure organizers'

rights of receiving payment after the events end. Welcome to refer to the article '' Identity authentication:What is Identity authentication? '' and learn more relevant information.

  • Whether the activity meets the requirement of of publishing events?

ACCUPASS crew will review carefully with reference to " the rule of publishing activities" to make sure the quality of published events. If the information isn’t clear or incorrect, we will turn the status of events into draft to let organizer edit conveniently. In the meantime, you will receive a notification email from us.  

  • Whether the content of the event page explains the registration/refund policy clearly?

In order to protect organizers’ and attendees’ rights, we require every paid activities to describe the registration/refund policy clearly. The descriptions need to include the refund policy the organizers choose and the procedures about applying invoices. It can help attendees understand the regulations of the events.

Q&A: the verification of paid events

  • Why do I still need to be verified even if I do not set up any paid ticket types?

It is likely that you used to set up paid tickets and had published the event page before. In general, the verification will be completed in a working day. If you are concerned about the schedule of publishing activities will delay, we suggest you create another event page with free tickets.

  • I received the unsuccessful registration notification which shows the request of identity authentication.

Because the organizer you used for creating event page doesn’t complete Identity authentication, please refer to the article '' Identity authentication:What is Identity authentication? '' After you complete the procedure, please publish the event again.

  • What is the difference between the verifications of paid activities and Identity authentication?

The purpose of identity authentication is to make sure the accuracy of organizers’ bank account details and basic information, and in most situations organizers need to apply just for once. The verifications of paid activities is set up for confirming both organizers and attendees’ right for the published events.. Therefore, Each parid events are required to be verified before publishing.

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