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Create application form(建立報名表)


I、Introduction of customized application form

In considering that organizers usually need to collect attendees’ personal information such as, food habits, background, insurance details for better event planning service, we provide the feature for organizers to easily design the specific application form for the event. Moreover, the feature can utilize all collected information to support the feature of ticket inspection (驗票通知) when attendees check-in .(使用資訊在報到/驗票入場) These features allow organizers to provide great event experiences on site.

II、How to establish a customized application form?

  1. A. The steps of creating a customized application form

    1. Please log in ACCUPASS website first, and then choose "My event" listed on the top right drop list.

    2. Please click on the event name to enter the page "Overview", and choose either "edit" or "manage" showed on the top left.

Click on "edit" to edit the application form.

Click on "manage" to search the information about attendee list or send

notification before the event starts.

                c. Please click "Registration Chart" in the page "Overview".

                d. On the page  "Registration Chart", you will see two sections, which are the
application form on the left side, and the standard choice form.
Besides, you can easily choose appropriate question format to build your
application form from the customized table field in the right side.

                e. You can also adjust the order of the questions at your will by moving the
selection options.

                f.  After finishing editing please click ''Save'' for completing the registation form

B. Example: Collect attendee’s details to provide event fee receipst.
    1. To provide event fee receipt for attendees in need customized application forms can help you set up some easy questions to collect attendees’ personal information. Taking the below as an example, it was made up of one customized multiple-choice column and three customized text columns. Organizers can set value of input text as “number”. If attendees type in with other symbol and text, the system will automatically remind attendants to revise it correctly.  

    2. If you complete the setting in the editing page, please click on the button ''Save'' !

III、Relevent questions about customized application forms.

A. Can I revise a customized application form after I created it?

  • Yes, you can go to the page ''Registration Chart'' to revise it. Howerve, the organizers cannot edit the form once any attendee has registered successfully so as to make sure all registration information is correct and identical.  

B. Can I set up conditional questions? For example, while the user chooses to fill out the field of receipt fee information, the required field of tax number can show at the next question automatically.

  •  We don’t offer the feature now, and we suggest you set up some unrequired questions following the field without skipping the questions.   

C. Can I set up the question which can control the number of attendees? For example, attendants can choose either workshop A or B, which only has 20 seat respectively.

  • Organizers cannot set up seating capacity in customized application form, but you can use the feature of ticket type setting to control quantities.

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