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Identity authentication:What is Identity authentication? How do you upload your bank account details?(身份認證:身分認證是什麼? 結算帳戶要怎麼上傳?)

What is Identity authentication?

To gain public awareness:Your identity is recognized by ACCUPASS and general public can know more about you as a verified organizer.

To launch events:After you pass ''identity authentication'' and ''activity verification,'' you can launch paid activities.

Calculate income conviniently:Event tickets incomes will be transferred to the bank account you have provided for verification.

How do I confirm whether I have sent the application for authentication successfully?

If the status show ''waiting for verification'', it

means that you have submitted the application successfully. Please wait for theverification.

Reminder: We suggest you send both ''Identity authentication'' and ''activity verification'' at the same time. It is estimated for two working days for verification, not including holidays.

What does each status represent?

  1. Not apply yet:Organizer has not sent the application for identity authentication.

  2. Wait for verifing:Organizer has sent the identity authentication, and is waiting for passing.

  3. Admission approved:Organizer has passed Identity authentication.

  4. Admission disapproved:Organizer has sent the Identity authentication, but failed to pass the verification.

Start to fill in identity authentication:

  1. After logging in your account, you should choose ''My Organizer Profile'' listed on the top right name list.

  2. Please choose ''Add a new organizer''

  3. When you enter the page ''Add a new organizer'', you should fill in required information. After you finish and save the page, the information will be displayed on the event page. On the page, it will provide contact details for the uses.

  4. Please choose the organizer’s name that you want to authenticate, and click on the right button ''authentication''

  5. Please fill in correctly, and start to fill in identity authentication information, contact details, bank details, invoices, and etc.

  6. Upload your balance account with scanned certification and pictures:

If you hold activities as a personal identity, please upload your identity card and personal account passbook.

If you hold activities as a company identity, please upload company certificate and collection passbook with the same name as the company.

After you finish filling in and click on the button ''sure'', please go to check the list ''My Organizer Profiles'' and make sure whether you have sent the verification application successfully.

How can I do if I don’t have certified documents?

 *Non-profit rganizers do not have certifications:

 Please send a letter with the subject “identity authentication statement - identity card_official organization certification” and the attachmant mentioned above.  

 *The name of account is limited or doesn’t correspond, such as schools:

 Please send a letter with the subject “identity authentication statement - bank passbook(include bank name and account number” and the attachmant mentioned above.

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