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Event verification:Paid events have to be verified before launching(活動審核:付費活動上架前審核)

Event verification:paid events have to be verified before launching


Before paid events launch, we will confirm your event details, including fare setting(票價設定) and selling time (售票時間). By doing this, it can make sure that organizers provide clear information for customers.

I、How do we check the status of verification?

  1. After you click ''Save and publish'' to submit verification application, please go to the page ''My event” for confirmation.

  2. If your application is refused, the status will turn from ''waiting for verification '' into '”draft'' and the content of event pages won’t be changed. After you revise, you can click '' Save and publish '' to send the application again.

  3. When the application is approved, we will send a notification for you for the updated status. You can also log in your ACCUPASS account to click '' My event '', and confirm the status.

*How do I confirm that the application has been sent to ACCUPASS ?

If the event shows '' waiting for verification '', it means that you have sent out application already. Please wait patiently for verification procedure.

★ Close reminder: Please send both ''Identity authentication'' and ''activity verification'' to verify, and it is estimated for two working days, not including holidays.

II、What does the event status mean?

Draft :  Just save as the draft, not apply event verification yet, and the verification refused.

Not Verified : The organizer has sent the paid event verification to ACCUPASS

Published : The organizer has passed the event verification, and has been launched.

Expired : The activity time has finished.

Terminated : Organizer can terminate events when nobody registers the event. However, if the event has registered attendees or has upgraded, the organizer can’t terminate his events.

After the verification has been approved, most event information still can adjust except for '' Ticket names '' and ''Application forms''

III、What are the verified standards in paid events?

  1. To confirm the status of the organizers’ capacity to hold event, please go to '' My Organizer Profile '' to confirm the authentication status. Please note that if you send the application of event verification before organizer authentication has finished, your event will be returned to the draft and needs to verify again.

  2. The settings of the starting time and the ending time are required to be correct. Please set up the time when the event actually carries on but the tickets selling time.

  3. The setting of tickets selling time is required to be correct. We suggests that the tickets selling time doesn’t exceed the event time.

  4. The setting of the valid time of tickets is required to be correct. Please remember to adjust the time for sales session, and tickets shall be at different date in serial events.

  5. The rule refund is clear and the regulations shall not have contradiction with the systems.

  6. If the event pages show external application link, ACCUPASS will request the organizer to delete it. Ex: Please go to XXX website for registration.

  7. ACCUPASS suggests that organizers can set up the minimum and the maximum numbers of purchasing tickets with the same price while setting group tickets.

IV、Other relevant questions for verification:

1. Wich email address shall I receive notification emails about the result of application from ACCUPASS?

The result will be sent to the organizer’s email rather than the one you signed up and logged in.

2. If your activity verification is not approved, the event status will turn from '' waiting for verification '' to the status '' draft ''. However, the event

page details will not be changed. After you finish the revision, you can click '' Save and publish '' for submitting the application again.

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